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Our Story

Let’s Change How People Work With General Contractors

We began as a design firm but quickly realized we could do more for our clients by general contracting for them as well. We chose to rise to the occasion and became something new for our community.

Our Specialties

Choosing the right partners is critical to any endeavor, but especially so when there is so much at stake. If you’re looking for a dependable construction company, you want to know that you’re hiring someone who has a validated process and a proven track record. You need someone who’s faced challenges, learned hard lessons, and came out better for it.

Tenant Improvement

Wamhoff makes things simple. We provide impeccable work that is reliable. Getting a job done the right way is the only way by our standards. Accountable communication and integrity is everything.

Ground Up

From the moment ground is broken to the last paint touch up, having the right team is crucial. We pride ourselves on the years of commercial experience and knowledge we bring to the table.


From modern apartment renovations, to high end retail commercial spaces, and everything in between, we have the experience to make your project one in a million.

Nails Hammered


Cuts Measured


Attention To Detail

Whether you are a client or business, Wamhoff has experienced builders who care about every board and nail that they touch.

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